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Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Meal Plan - $225

  • consultation and assessment
  • personalized meal plan and explanation
  • measurements
  • Grocery list, recipes, portion guide
  • recommendations
  • 1 follow-up of 30 minutes
  • coaching

3-Month Holistic Plan - $449

This plan provides an in-depth approach to specific health conditions: acne, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, attention deficit disorder, autism, cholesterol, diabetes, digestive issues, eating disorders, obesity, skin disorders and others. If you are followed by a doctor, this program can be a beneficial addition.

6-Month Transformation Program

Were you told to finish your plate as a child? Do you eat food that is in front of you, even though you are not hungry? Do you eat well all day and ruin it in the evening? Do you celebrate weight loss by eating food you don’t allowed yourself to eat? Do you crave towards chocolate, soft chewy food (bread, muffin, donuts) or crunchy and salty food (crackers, chips)?

Do you carry 40 pounds or more? Do you think that no matter what you try you will not achieve or maintain your goals?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of those questions, this program is for you!

Most of us are all gung-ho the first month of a diet program and the motivation fade away. This is why InStep created this special 6 month program, to start on motivation and keep going with knowledge, positive reinforcement, reasoning, collective support, learning to put yourself first, meaning to give yourself more value and love with quality food, thoughts and movement!

Email us with your WHY and we will get back to you.

Kitchen and Pantry Makeover - $349

Our nutrition coach will go through and assess the food in your pantry and take you shopping at a local grocery store. 

This plan includes:

  • reading and understanding labels
  • choosing the right food based on your budget
  • do and don’ts, what to avoid and how to choose healthier options
  • organic vs non-organic
  • grocery list/tools and recipes
  • cooking method and kitchen tools

Grocery Store Visit - $85

  • visit of a down-town Gatineau grocery store
  • list of food
  • understanding food labels
  • foods to avoid
  • healthy options and suggestions


After receiving your training or meal plans, we offer a 45-minute session to measure progress, to adjust you plan, to discuss any obstacles or issues you may have, to offer solutions and support to overcome them and to take measurements.

  • follow-up - $65 or 3 for $180
  • measurements, weight, photos: $35

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