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Physical assessment - $75

Instep believes that a fitness assessment is essential to providing an appropriate and personalized plan for your needs. If you are a new client, this one hour evaluation is mandatory before moving on to other training services. This assessment includes a discussion of your goals, taking your measurements (measurements, weight and percentage of fat), an assessment of posture and your current physical condition (endurance, mobility and awareness). The importance of the fitness assessment would be asking your doctor for medication without him asking you what is wrong!

Personal Training

  • 60 minute session in private studio - $50
  • package of 10 sessions - $425 
  • package of 20 sessions - $825
  • package for couples available

*sessions must be taken within 10 weeks

**sessions given in our private studio

***24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule 

Personalized Training Plan - $140

  • 1 training plan build in 2 to 3 phases

  • measurements and photos (optional)
  • explanation of your training plan in the gym*

*in our private studio

Glutes program - $50

  • 3 month, 3 phase program, 3 days/week (35 to 45 min)
  • includes videos and photos
  • includes a pack of 3 quality elastic bands
  • *note that shipping for the bands may apply

Home Gym Shopping

With your goals and interests in mind, we will help you design your home gym and find the right equipment that meets your needs, budget and space availability. Contact us for pricing and more details. 

Call for price. 

Our ability to move is primordial to our health. Great body mobility improves physical health, sport performance and energy. Stick Mobility™ is a combination of joint mobilization, strength training and deep fascial stretching. You are an athlete or someone concerned about their health, regardless of your age, if you are injured, physically restricted, or have any interests in your wellbeing, Stick mobility™ can improve your range of motion, your muscle activation, full-body strength, and body awareness. If enhancing joint stability, performance, movement, endurance, motor control or decreasing the risk of injuries, Stick Mobility™ training is for you!

For more information on personal or group class, please contact us!

Buy your mobility stick here

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