"It is our mission to empower, inspire and educate our clients to make the best nutritional choices, to love and nourish their bodies, to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle."

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Liam S. 


Emilie gave me an easy to follow training plan that was equally challenging and also fun. She’s super flexible on the plans, so if you don’t like an exercise she’ll replace it with the perfect one. Highly recommended!



Since I was little, I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): cramps, sweat, being afraid of eating anything before a big meeting, afraid to not be able to find a bathroom when I was out of my house. I met with Emilie, she took the time to listen to me, she analysed my lifestyle, the food I eat and the emotions I felt. She prepared a plan for me and adjusted it as needed. She followed me for a few months and with her help I am now feeling so much better and my IBS is under control. She definitely changed my life. Thank you Emilie!

Sofie G.


Emilie is a personal trainer who is attentive to your needs and is always available to answers all questions. Her compassion and devotion makes her an incredible trainer. Her words of encouragement and motivation always makes us want to push ourselves further. She is always so positive. 

Thank you Emilie for being there, for your knowledge and always pushing me to go further and to never give up.