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Who we are

We are two women who met when both needed help. Since that day we support and elevate each other as women, friends, and business partners. We understand the pressure that women can have in society and the pressure we place on ourselves. We love, appreciate, and celebrate that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. Our goal is to improve for ourselves and not for others or to meet the criteria of "social trend." We believe in just comparing yourself with yourself and taking the time to celebrate positive changes, big and small. The most important thing is to feel good about yourself, with our strengths, our limitations, our little flaws, and our great qualities. And because we have eating disorders, low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, weight gain and fears of ... 

We want you to know that it is possible to live healthy, happy, and immune to the judgments of become the best version of yourself.

Emilie Paradis

Founder & Co-owner

Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, 

Personal Trainer

I am a Licensed Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach and Naturotherapist having graduated from the NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition. I hold a diploma in Acupuncture from the Ottawa International Academy of Holistic Health. I am also a certified personal trainer, specializing in posture evaluation and Stick Mobility Level 1 Coach. 

Ever felt so uncomfortable in your body?

This heavy feeling you have about yourself of not being enough, never doing enough… I KNOW it all too well! Tired of feeling this way, I started to learn about nutrition and movement to help me feel better and understand how food and movement can affect positively or negatively my body. Indeed, so many of us go day by day with this oppressive and draining feeling which I decided to make my goals to help others feeling better about themselves!

A not so long story (I only have 37 years of experience on this planet! lol) short, I have been dealing with psoriasis my whole life. I tried many different approaches until one day, my dad brought me to an acupuncturist! Ohhhh and did I learn a different way to look at the body!

Eating disorders appear slowly but surely into the beginning of my teenage years until my twenties. I believe eating disorders resemble to alcoholism. I think it is something that is present your whole life, but it is manageable by recognizing the triggers and facing the situation ahead. From anorexia, to bulimia and to obsessively exercising and programing everything I would eat, brought me for many years into gut issues, physical and emotional stress, fatigue, brain frog, low self-esteem, feeling of being depress…

In my experience, low self-esteem led me to be an easy target for unhealthy relationships that kept me in a vicious cycle for too many years!

I could blame everyone for my misery but taking responsibility IS the only thing that helps me to change and make better decision for myself. What a f***ing (sorry, it gets me excited!) great feeling to have… control of you, your mind, and your inner happiness! Sharing that feeling of EMPOWERMENT is what drives me out of bed every morning!  

Dany Lapointe


Administration and Finance

I served in the Canadian Forces as a communications researcher. Although I loved the job, it required inconsistent shift work, frequent travel and being away from my family. After 11 years service, I left to work in the public service. A more stable job which allowed me to be more present in the life of my sons.

Like many mothers, we try to juggle family and career: hockey games, violin lessons, acting classes in addition to playing taxi drivers, nurses, referees and having a "mom" consultation office in the bathroom.... the days fly by and the nights are short. So, unconsciously or simply by habit I put my needs and my health aside. I have no regrets, my sons are my pride and they have become respectable men. I am not looking for excuses,  I was negligent towards myself for sure.

Because of this personal neglect over the years and the attitude of saying "I'll start eating better tomorrow" well I've put on a lot of weight which has caused me health issues like digestive problems and inflammation. Just bending over to tie my shoes was difficult. How could I have let myself go so much? I who loved sports, I was an ace at badminton and loved to play hockey !!! With weight gain comes a drop in self-esteem which often led to episodes of depression. I didn't know where to start and if I could even get there if I started.

Then one Friday in April 2018, I went to a friend's retirement party. Of course, pictures are taken.  So here I am, 49 years old alongside my colleagues, some older than me, healthy, radiant and beautiful. When I saw the photo, there was a sort of awakening, a slap in the face, I realized how much I had let myself go completely. Suddenly there was no more questions of putting anything off until tomorrow!! I decided that I absolutely had to take control of my body, my health and my life. No more excuses, no more maybe.

The same evening I contacted a weight loss business and that's how my path crossed Emilie's. She reassured me right away and told me it was never too late to be healthier. She taught me that food is not an enemy, that counting calories and restricting certain foods can help early on, but it is not a long term solution. Because of her nutritional knowledge, support and dedication, I lost 50 pounds and have never felt better.

Emilie and I clicked instantly and became good friends. We started to talk about the idea of building a business together because I believed in Emilie, in her passion, her ability to motivate people and push them to step out of their comfort zone. I am a proof that her knowledge, work ethics and her approach to nutrition and fitness are a proven success. 

At InStep, you are not just a client, but a partner with whom we work to achieve your health goals.